Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Addiction thy name is...(Part one)


Top 10 me-reasons to drink cofee:-
  1. "I just woke up. I need coffee"
  2. I want coffee.
  3. I love coffee
  4. "Blah. Let's get coffee."
  5. "Hmmm....? Let's get coffee"
  6. "I need to relax. Let's get coffee"
  7. "I need to wake up. Let's get coffee"
  8. "I need to sleep. Let's get coffee"
  9. "Coffee!! You can sleep when you're dead"
  10. Just cos.

-Mocha King


dharma69 said...

You're a sick puppy!!!

Now take all of those reasons and substitute "coffee" for "tea"...

That's my list!

Rajesh Warrier said...
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Ito Okashi said...

want some choclate covered espresso beans?
they be goooooooooooood
*buzzing from caffeene*

Rajesh Warrier said...

No offense meant, read this somewhere .... "Drink Coffee ! Do stupid things faster with more energy !!" ;-)

A/T said...

Yum. Now *I* want coffee.

Haven't had a good coffee in so long now...


Amrita said...

@dhar...thanks....but naaah...tea doesnt do it for me :P

@ito...hell yeah!!! espresso...ROCKS, chocolate covered espresso...out of this world!! :-)

@Rajesh... :P Only cowards say that... ;)

@Ali...wanna come over? I have an espresso machine... :) (which i never use cos i'm so lazy!!)