Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Part time mom, Full time friend

Her name is Lalitha. Its her birthday today. She is the one that our universe revolves around. By 'our', I mean Andy, dad and me. She's the first friend I had. She's the source of my love for life, my enthusiasm and my craziness :-)
"Happy Birthday Mommyyyyy"
For everything you are to us and all that you've given us, we love you.

~Your three monkeys


Anonymous said...

awwww... so sweeett !! happy birthday !!
- nandini

max said...

Happy Happy birthday ...
all the best!!!!

dharma69 said...

How sweet, Amri!
A happy day to her and you as well!

A/T said...

Happy birthday, Amri's Mom!!! :D :D :D

Amrita said...

thank you ppl. Shall pass on the msg :-)

We're buying her an iPod as a bday present...cool right? :)