Friday, April 21, 2006

A little slice of heaven

Love it, or hate it, you've gotta admit that New York City is the one place where you get hit by the feeling that you are part of something much much bigger than just yourself. It's a well oiled corporation...running smoothly from dawn till dusk ...which really merge together cos the city apparently never sleeps.

Where is all this going? Nowhere in particular. I'm too swamped at school to write a well thought out blog entry. heh. Right now, I'm just reminiscing from last night.

After a long frustrating day, all I really wanted to do was meet some friends, and sit outside in the amazing weather ...listening to music. Wish, and ye shall receive!! :-) After doing dinner round 1 at the Mamoun's falafel place (An amazing sandwhich for just 2$!!!!) ...we sauntered into Washington Square Park where I can always trust to find live music. Sure enough, hunched into a corner was a group of eclectic jazz musicians playing anything from blues to rock to good old jazz. What a voice the singer had...he tore up the night literally....

Staring up at the beautifully lit up Arch, sipping iced tea, tapping my feet to jazz, flanked by my friends....that's when it hit me again for the hundredth time...."I'm a part of something sooo much bigger than myself"

A little slice of heaven right there at the end of a frustrating day/week.

Ate mais tarde

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