Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm pissed!!

1. My favorite and oldest pair of jeans's time to let go....but...hmpphhhhffff
2. I couldn't see Karsh Kale or Indian Ocean perform cos of classes....
3. Paul Oakenfold is not performing this weekend....going to Philly instead...WTF??!!!
4. I was woken up in the morning (after sleeping for 2-3 hours only) by the maintenance guy....about fixing my window blinds. I hadnt filed a complaint about the only way he could have found out is by peeping in through the fire exit. Blooody perv.
5. My project partner is a jerk!

C'est fini!


Rajesh Warrier said...

1. Stitch it up and wear it - Make it an IN thing ;-)
2. Indian Ocean is cool, heard them online and on the Idiot box - something new.
4.Thats strange - since when have they started impressing the tenants by doing that ?

ito okashi said...

hot glue those jeans gurl!! thats wot i did! urgh durrty old man! u better tell him to behave or you'll bash his balls in...that'll werk...

Amrita said...

I'll take up both your suggestions...very interesting!! :)

Maybe I'll knit it up with different colors of wool...that oughtta be pretty... :P