Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Delhi State Emporiums

I found this really cool store called Tibet over the weekend at the UWS. 80th and BWay. It was amazing! Crafts from Nepal and the region. I felt like I was back at the Delhi State Emporiums.

Almost every Indian state has an emporium in Delhi ...near Cannaught Place. Each state emporium show cases the handicrafts of the state. So it's a fantastic way to explore each state. At various times during the year, they have fairs and cultural performances in the emporiums. These are always fun....cos they're so unique.

Oh...there are also bangle makers outside the Rajasthan emporium!! They're very talented. They melt the bangle clay and mould one right there and then proceed to decorate it. It's fascinating.

Delhi also has other emporium style shopping places which make it a very good option for tourists. They dont have to visit every state...they can get everything they want in Delhi! ha! Other places I love: The Central Cottage Emporium, Dilli Haat, Khaadi Gramodyog.

So anyway, Tibet is a cool store. I picked up some stuff.....so a couple of my friends are gonna be receiving packages in the mail... :-)

Songs for the day: I'm back to U2 for a bit...."a woman needs a man...like a fish needs a bicycle"




Rajesh Warrier said...

The handicrafts they carry back in India are awesome. I esp like the ones from Himachal and Kashmir (displaying superb carpets and bedcovers etc..)

Kimbrly836 said...

O.M.G.! Is that the one down in the basement between Broadway and Amsterdam? I was JUST there! There's also the Tibet (something..Bizare..?) on Amsterdam between 81 and 82 (I belive)...they have those (I dunno what they're actually called, but I call them) singing bowls...next time you're around call me, I'm at 82nd...

(my apologies for all the internal dialogue :P)

Amrita said...

Coooolness!! I didnt know you lived that close Kim. Yeah, Tibet's that store in the basement....and yeah I did see the singing bowls...those are

One of these weekends we can do brunch at Sarabeth's and shop... :)