Wednesday, February 01, 2006

...a tear...

"Bulla, ki jaana maen kaun
Na maen bheth mazhab da paaya
Na maen aadam havva jaaya
Na maen apna naam dharaaya "

In other words:

Bulla I know not who I am…
Nor did I create the difference of faith
Nor did I create Adam and Eve
Nor did I name myself

There are some songs which bring me to the verge of tears....this is one of them. By Rabbi Shergill. "Bulle Ke Jaana" ...Punjabi never sounded as sweet. Why the tears? My heart gets filled with a longing for home....for India...and so much more....which I cant possibly articulate right now.....the damn will burst.

Yes, it's a Happy "emotional" February post.

Two happy things: Got my iPod Nano this's a sexy little thing, As of yesterday...I'm officially debt-free.....feels I can justify future trips and concerts!!!

~Ammu Rajagopal


A/T said...

It's beautiful... It must sound even better in the original language. Thanks for sharing :)

Congrats on the Nano!! :D :D :D

Rajesh Warrier said...

Hey, this is an awesome song. One of the very few punjabi songs I've listened to and one thats sweet.

Saw it on AZN Network the first time and sounded cool! Rabbi's voice is superb and so are the lyrics !!

Rajesh Warrier said...

Oops need to add this - Seen the Video ? Tis Good too

Amrita said...

Havent seen the video yet! His voice is amaazing! :)