Tuesday, February 28, 2006

March Madness is here! Bear Down Arizona!

Bear Down Wildcats!!!!

NCAA season is drawing to a close and The Wildcats have been struggling this year. They are seeded 4 at the PAC 10. Fortunately one above Stanford....those annoying creatures!! Lute Olson's Cats can still create a victory...after all...we're used to dramatic finishes.......but....if they make the Sweet Sixteen bracket....*fingers crossed* This thought has been given more fire since Arizona's VICTORY against Stanford last week...making it 3 straight wins. Well ASU was a no brainer....duh..the Sun Devils are no match for us. A wise man once said: "A true Wildcat will never let his/her child become a Sun Devil"...at a commencement ceremony. The applause and cheering lasted a good 15 minutes.

This year, the Wildcats had their task cut out as they had to make up for the loss of ex-seniors Channing Frye and Saliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim Stoudamire. Time for Hassan Adams and Ivan Radenovic to step up.

Salim: 3-pointer dunker from across the bloody court. Very moody. But Oh.So.Good.

Channing: He redefined "Tall". Now plays for the Knicks. Ha!

Hassan: God of Rebounds. He dances around the hoops....in mid-air. Fascinating creature. He's likely to receive the All American honorable mentions.

Ivan: And I thought Channing redefined "Tall". I remember cranking up my neck to look at his face once. Excellent team player.

And of course holding these gems together is the allmighty Lute Olson. I remember during the Midnight Madness in 2004 (season kickoff celebration at Arizona), all of us in the stadium broke out in a low guttaral chant of "Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute". He is the best coach Az has ever had. I rememebr meeting him at McKale center once and freezing in awe.

There are two more matches to go before the conference ends and the March Madness games begin. But as far as I'm concerned AZ has already won an important victory by defeating Stanford (which is still mourning the loss of Josh Childress..haha!...suckers) Anything to wipe the memory of the 2004 PAC-10 buzzer beater defeat against them at home court. I cant forget that day. K and I were watching the game at home....3.4 seconds to go. We were on a one point lead (79-78). Me and K were almost ready to celebrate a sweet victory. Suddenly one of the Stanford guys (I forget which)....attempts a 3 pointer from center court. And it goes in! Holy Fuck. We were shocked out of our brains. We were mouthing " I cant believe that just happend" for a good 2 hours afterwards. But all's well that ends well. We've answered back beautifully to Stanford subsequently.

Alrite...GOOD LUCK MY WILDCATS!!! Bear Down!!

-Amrita "ROOAAAARRRR" Rajagopal

P.S: I know i'm in Columbia now....but old loyalties dont die.
P.P.S: Ivy League sucks for basketball anyway.


coolshades said...

Bear Down Arizona
Bear Down Red and Blue
Bear Down Arizona
Hit 'Em Hard
Let 'Em Know Who's Who

Bear Down Arizona
Bear Down Red and Blue
Go! Go! Wildcats Go!
Arizona Bear Down


Amrita said...


Game tonight...:)

coolshades said...

Yup...my dad will be there....he's a season ticket holder. :P

They should be able to win this one pretty easily....the next one will be tough, though...

Amrita said...

I'm sooo j.e.a.l.o.u.s!!!!!

I could NEVER get those tickets man... :(

But fingers and toes crossed for AZ to make the Sweet Sixteen bracket!