Monday, February 13, 2006

Let it SNOW!!!!

NYC turned into Winter Wonderland overnight...making up for a humbug winter...
27 inches of snow...

I was thrilled to bitS!!!! I woke up to a beautiful view of my fire exit and the streets below...COVERED in snow. It was still coming down hard. I was dying to get out of the house though. So when it stopped snowing around 4 pm...I grabbed my camera and ran out to Riverside Park with Pranay. We had such a ball. It was beautiful beyond belief. There were throngs of people outside...sledding...skiing..!!....generally frolicking. No traffic on Riverside Drive ...which was such a rare sight.

I made snow angels in the snow...I cant explain how glorious it was to fall back into a beautiful, unspoilt bed of snow......the snow was a perfect cushion...and then you move your hands and legs to make the angel....hahaha. Pranay thought I'd gone mad...then he tried it himself and couldnt stop...haha! :) We had some snow fights when Ashish showed up....he also tried the snow was awesome fun to plow through knee high snow. The Park was COVERED!!!!
Any and all hills were turned into sledding and adults were using make shift sleds even to have a go. We wished we had something to sled on...

Of course tomorrow is gonna be a (mess)^2. Slushy and dirty NYC streets are not exactly appealing...but oh well..the fun in the snow today will make up for it me thinks.

Happiness....Oh...and some

Song of the day: "Midnight Express" by Extreme, "Qatra Qatra" from Family OST, the Rang De Basanti OST

Your freezing Coolness


Rajesh Warrier said...

The first snow (proper snow fall) of this winter - and it was a pretty heavy fall ! Had tough times on the road and todays' commute .. OMG. One could barely stand when it starts to melt .. in a day or two

Amrita said...'s truely crappy out on the streets on NYC. It's only gonna get worse...I need to buy me some snow shoes...