Monday, February 20, 2006


So we all know about the wonder of Unisex bathrooms (restrooms for the USians)...especially the generation that watched Ally McBeal!!! Well, it can be a weird/funny idea to have unisex bathrooms at a danceclub. Seriously!!

I went to this dance club called Duvet on Friday night and they had a unisex bathroom. So as you walk in with a drunken stupor, you see both guys and girls around you can't really do the girly stuff except in the privacy of the stalls. But then, that was weird too. The whole place was covered in mirrors...including the stall doors.'s the best part......the stall doors were made of one way mirrors. So from outside, you are just looking at a mirror. But from can look at everything outside. This can TOTALLY mess with your head when you're buzzed.....believe me!! Jeeeyaazus. So you're in there...and you see people (guys and girls) actually looking in...not really...but that's exactly how it appears. That was scary. And hilarious too. hehehehe.....this guy walks up to the mirror outside my stall and started pasting his hair down..then tucked his shirt in...adjusted his jeans...checked out his butt etc. Oh God....!! I could not stop laughing. ;-)

So anyway...that was a strange experience. On the other hand...Duvet is a good club....plenty of dancing room. And they have sprawling beds which I'm sure can be put to good use. But the DJ needed to balance his act...first he was all techno/disco...then all hip-hop. But the cool thing was that he played some old (2001-03) hip-hop which I totally enjoyed. Hmm...what else? Free vodka for ze ladiez! ;)

Songs for the night: Anything by Led Zeppelin (especially Darlene), Dire Straits and Simon & Garfunkel


Rajesh Warrier said...

Hell yeah thats scary ! Or was it the 'Alcohol Illusion' :) ??

Amrita said...

ha! yeah right...I'm pretty sure that I wasnt hallucinating...or was I?

Hmm...that guy in the mirror did look an awful lot like this movie mind is a dangerous place apparently :P