Sunday, February 19, 2006

Last Nite, He Said....

Last nite he said
Oh baby I feel so down
When you turn me off
When I feel left out
So I, I turned round
Oh baby don't care no more
I know this for sure
I'm walking out that door

I love this song by The Strokes (And I know I bent the lyrics...for good reason). I have been listening to some of their songs recently....they're ok. But I think I shouldn't have seen the video for 'Juicebox'. That just left a sick feeling in my stomach (Ito, please dont hurt me!).

Moving on...other things on my mind....

(I'm suffering from writer's block right this post is all over the place)

Frigid weather in NYC. After 50s over the week....this is a little much to handle. All the snow's gone surprisingly. Melted really fast considering we had 27 inches of it. ha!

Still no news on Rohan's mystery girl.... :( Spread the word people.

Franz Ferdinand tickets sold out in the presale!!! Fuck...need to try eBay now. Cos I REALLLLLLYYYY want to see them live. April 12th and 13th are the show if any of you tri-state area peeps wanna join me....lemme know.

Need to plan a trek for March...probably Adirondaks...

Nine West happened again! I have sinned...but I couldn't help it...those shoes were simply crying to be bought! ;-)

Quite a few of my friends have been visiting India of late...some of them are back. Hearing their tales has been so cool...especially if they visited Delhi :-)

Songs of the day
  • "Another Game" by A Sheep At The Wheel
  • "More or Less" by A Sheep At The Wheel
  • "Hung up" by Madonna
  • "Volcano" by Damien Rice
  • "I changed my mind" by Keyshia Cole
  • "Last Nite" by The Strokes
  • Oh and..."Rest In Peace" by Extreme (thanks CK for the nth time...)


ito okashi said...

ooh amri im gonna hurt you!!
haha joost keeding. the video wuz nothing special it bored me, the new one is borin to but i like seeing julian on the floor;) damn hawtie. check it owt. check out their vid for Reptilia if you havent. its all good:)haha

Amrita said...

I did see the new vid. Liked it ...I loved Julian on the floor too...hehehe.

I saw Reptilia too..

But I just LOVE Last Nite. It's so....Peppy and Happy. Ha! I think I found a new name for